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Discography and sound samples

All sound samples in MP3 format (64 kbit/s @ 24 kHz), file sizes approx. 550-1100 kB, playing time 1-2 minutes.

Adesa - Vol.1

MC, 1991

(no image available)

Adesa - Believer

CD (HE5), Heaven and Earth 1993

CD Believer

Highlife, Reggae und traditional rhythms. Sound samples:

  1. Bettina  Lied: Bettina
  2. Big Belly  Lied: Big Belly
  3. Mibi  Lied: Mibi

Adesa - Traumreise nach Afrika

CD (HE12), Heaven and Earth 1996/2004

CD Traumreise nach Afrika

Songs, radio play and drum school for kids from 5 years on. Sound samples:

  1. Konioojo  Lied: Konioojo
  2. Tsche Tsche Kule  Lied: Tsche Tsche Kule

Adesa - Blemahe

CD (HE3), Heaven and Earth 1996

CD Blemahe

Worldmusic from Ghana. Sound samples:

  1. Adowa  Lied: Adowa
  2. Dzenenami>  Lied: Dzenenami
  3. Ima  Lied: Ima

Adesa - Akoma

CD (HE9) - Heaven and Earth 2002

CD Akoma

Traditional "Blohuntscho" music from Ghana. Sound samples:

  1. Ata Adondon  Lied: Ata Adondon
  2. Baruwama  Lied: Baruwama
  3. Can't See You  Lied: Can't See You

Adesa - Jabahee

CD (HE 20), Heaven and Earth 2009. Including 25-page booklet!

CD Jabahee

Games, fairy tales, bilingual songs and a drum contest for kids from 5 years on. Sound samples:

  1. Jabehee  Lied: Jabahee
  2. Shua Ba  Lied: Shua Ba
  3. Wakka Le Lele  Lied: Wakka Le Lele


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