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Gamashimo parade

The proudness of each local community are the Asafo warriers - men and women. Today they don't show any more their heroic fights in local wars against other communities. But they present their power and their wisdom in parades across the country side.

Gamashimo 1

The Asafos in the South of Ghana are marching for the Homowo Festival or for funerals. They announce the coming of the traditional king, the Ga Mantse.

Gamashimo 4

If there are conflicts about land, the Asafo have an important role for peace, because they impress the adverser with songs like "Kill Thousand and Thousand others will come" and get respect for their wild traditional costumes.

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Adesa's Gamashimo Parade is inspiered by the the tradition of the Asafo warriers: they walk and dance on stilts, with acrobatics, mascs and colorfull costumes. The visual impressions are pushed by the music: the deep bass sounds of the Blekete, the melodies of Sanku and the high sounds of Agogo and Bima, the solos on Djembe and band talks with Odono.

Gamashimo 6


Julius Nartey
blekete, percussion, voc
Annan Odametey
perkussion, odondo, voc
Evans Honore
bicycle, akrobatics, voc
Thomas Kunfira
acrobatics, voc
Paul Kotey
floor acrobatics, percussion
Samuel Anum
acrobatics, hat juggling
Evans Honore
acrobatics,flag juggling, percussion, voc
Nana Ansong
flute, percussion
Dogzi Tchao
stilts, percussion, voc


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