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Afrikanisches Trommeln

West African rhythm and dance are expression of fundamental energy of life. Sorrow, joy, love or death: Africans dance their lives!

With the rhythmic combination of "speaking drum" and dance blocked mind structures will be loosened and a sensitive feeling of body and mind will be possible. Not only to understand rhythm but to learn to feel it will be the main topic of the courses.

Drumming for beginners

With body percussion, singing, playing for several voices and technical basic lessons at the drum, rhythms from West Africa (especially Ghana and Togo) will be learned. We will get to know the drum as a mirroe of our soul, learn to tear down barriers within ourselves and let us inspire from the joy of life of one of the world oldest cultures. If required, note and music papers can be provided.

Advanced drumming

This course if for those who already have basic skills at the drums or those who already have basic knowledge of rhythms, but joy of drumming will always be the main condition.

Focus will be the play in several voices in 12 resp. 6/8 and 4/4 feeling of West African rhythms, for example Wakka, Atin, Gota or Fankani.

At the end of the course stands a performance with audience to present what we've learned. Drumming in the audition room only is not in the nature of these ritual and life-accepting rhythms, because to let the soul speak is the very own meaning of drumming.


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