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Kra Shemor

The ceremony

The starting point and the focus of the Seminars, workshops and one to one sessions is the wish to help and empower each soul to express its inner voice lively and loudly and to follow the desire of human beings as light beings to receive more cosmic energy, more consciously.

As a Shaman and healer, Korkoi Odametey acts between the conscious physical and the unconscious astral world. With her strong medial powers she is a good translator between the two worlds.

First and foremost the healing Kra Shemon ritual is based on the recognition of the self. The program of the workshop consists of the interpretation of one's own dreams and visions and the breaking down of patterns of thinking and prejudices. This involves investigating the traps of one's own ego, in order to discover the consciousness and the destination of one's own soul in this world.

With the help of meditative songs, massage and acupressure techniques, rituals of purification and the African healing ceremony called "Kra Shemon;" are the basis for the opening and settling of the flow of one's own energies.

The Kra Shemor ritual is not connected to a Fetish or "Juju" but formed by the character, spirituality and medial power of the spiritual leader.

Trust, devotion and love towards the spiritual forces of the earth should not be empty words but the key and basis to a fine and sensitive sensation of the body and the soul. The newly gained energies will be expressed in ritual dances dedicated to the wind, the water or the stones in a way to establish a deep and long lasting grounding.

Spiritual leader

Korkoi Odametey's ancestors come from a long line of the traditional Royal Ghanaian family. She became aware of her spiritual abilities at an early age. She was protected by her grandfather, one of the most powerful medicine men in West Africa; who introduced her into the rules of African healing ceremonies and how to transmit them.

Korkoi learnt spiritual and social forms of dance, as their transmission was not only from Ghana, but from other West African countries also.

With her own ensemble "Aleeno" she toured throughout West Africa. Since 1987 she has toured with a variety of music and dance ensembles; one of them is "Adesa" which toured throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America. On her tour she often holds workshops as well. Further she studied traditional massage and acupressure techniques (Knead) from India/Thailand.

Her long-lasting experience with dance, her personal biography and the desire of her inner voice, contributes to her emerging wish to bring the culture of her grandfathers to new life - to us, and thus prevent it from sinking into oblivion.

Accommodation in Accra/Ghana

In between the official workshop dates of the Kra Shemor seminar our guest hostel is open to visitors throughout the entire year. The hostel is located in the quiet north part of Accra called Tantra Hill, 20 min drive by car from the beach. The rooms are clean and have separate baths and toilets. You will live together with African families; offering you the possibility to make close contact with the native population. There are as well further accommodations available at a beautiful beach, 3 km from Accra located near the small fisher village Kokorbite.

On request we can organise a personal guide to help you to discover the country by yourself for the cost of transport expenses etc.

Dance and drumming classes, knowledge of herbs and traditional massage and acupressure techniques (Nuad) will be taught on site.Also provided for guests is a shuttle from the airport to the hostel.

More detailled information about the Kra Shemor ceremony can be found on Korkoi's web site (German only at the moment):


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