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Workshops for kids

The aim of the "Africa Workshops for Children", taught by the artists of the ADESA group from Ghana is to bring children and youths closer to the African culture via various cultural techniques.

African drumming

Based on the concept of the CD "Traumreise nach Afrika" and on the children's song "Jabahee" (awarded by Funkhaus Europa and WDR 5 radio) the children will learn about one of the world's oldest musical cultures, using fairy tales and stories from Africa. The symbolic sounds and drum rhythms of different animals will be learned and expressed with tones, song and movement.

 Workshop Trommeln

Making of drums

The children learn how to make African drums, which materials to use, how to cut and to pull over the goat skin and how to tune the drums.


Music and dance are very important in the daily life in African cultures. Dance is the expression of the joy of life, of the attachment to the nature, and it is part of most of the ritual festivals. To learn different dances as a kind of body language in a childlike way is the aim of this workshop.

Workshop Akrobatik 2

African games and language

Mainly for geographic and economical reasons, the African children play different games. What a suspense to discover the games with stones or bambou! Stories and fairy tales are often the basis for verse, counting out rhytms and mime, which can be learned by the children. The artists of ADESA are wonderful storytellers in their own language, but they can also translate their stories and secrets.

 Workshop Schmuck und Haare

Other workshops

Construction of traditional nud huts, hairdressing, making of toys, traditional garments etc. can be integrated into the workshop programme. All themes can be combined.

Workshop Akrobatik 1


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