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Tifi and Abu in the jungle

Music theatre for kids from 5 years on

Tifi und Abu 3       Tifi und Abu 4

For the people in Ghana, life in harmony with nature is very important. During several hundred years time of colonialism by the europeans, the tropical trees had been cut, gold had been prospected in the earth and the wild animals had been killed as trophies for the european hunting collections. Nowadays there is only a smal part of savanna and tropical forest.

But the hunters are the guardians of the forest. They only have the right to kill so many animals as they and their families need for food, to cut so many trees as they would need to construct their huts and to make theri drums. During one of these beautiful sunny days the brothers Tifi and Abu go for hunting. Both are pretty young and unexperienced and have to learn seriously the sectrets of hunting. Abu - the younger one, is very inept in the forest: he is singing vrey loud to encourage himself... and drive out all animals. He cross the forest without thinking about the wind drifting the scent into the noses of the wild animals. Tifi is desperate, because he can't shot an animal. And it looks like to powerful god of the forest called Samatain has turned against the both young hunters. They are lost in the forest, very hungry and afraid of the people in the village, who are laughing on them. But luckily there is the god of the hunters called Fulani with his magic flute, rushing for help ...

Tifi und Abu 5


Julius Nartey
"Tifi", acrobatics, ballaphone, dance, vocal
Evans Honore
"Abu", acrobatics, juggling, dance
Nya Nyo Addo
nlekete, gome, dondo, vocal
Nii Ayi Conen
kpanlogo, drums, percussion, vocal
Thomas Kunfira
"spirit Fulani", flute, acrobatics, percussion


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