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The Mysterious Lute of Devil Guy Tetteh

Children's Music Theatre

Tetteh lived In the heart of Ghana. He was a real Daredevil and and the earth trembled under his mighty steps. When he moved across the country even the wild animals started to hide when they heard his thunderous voice. One day he saw in the branches of the tree a little bird who sang a beautiful song. The tree shook its branches and the leaves rustled on the sweet song of the little bird. Even the river heard the song and sang it with its waves.

Tetteh said to himself: "If it is true that only a song can carry my fame in the world, then I will build a lute that will sing the song of my eternal glory.

Tetteh 1 Tetteh 2
Photographer: Joerg Metzner

He went to the next village to a famous instrument maker, who built him a lute from a piece of wood, skin and gut a deer. When the lute was finished, the master asked him: "Can you play it at all?"

"Let that just be my concern" Said Tetteh Daredevil, who was- as always- absolutely sure of himself. But when he struck the strings, the lute remained silent.

"I am the greatest hero of all time. But what good is it, if my lute is not singing the song of my glory? I'm so miserable and lonely."

Tetteh 3 Tetteh 4
Photographer: Joerg Metzner

Wailing but determinded Tetteh Daredevil set off to inspire life and sound in his magnificent lute...

Pulsating African rhythms, sonorous melodies and songs and spectacular acrobatics invite children to join in and to listen: exploring fascinating, mysterious stories and legends about beautiful instruments from the African plains.




Reinhard Conen - for motives of an African folktale

Staging and Production



Julius Nartey
kora, korlegenor, ballaphone, E-bass, voc
Nii Ayi Conen
acoustic guitar, kpanlogo, voc
Lamptey Lankai
cachon, gome, djembe, ashuwa
Emanuel Ansong
ozilator, bamboo flute, percussion, kalimba
Evans Honore
acrobatics, dance, koliko
Thomas Kunfira
acrobatics, dance, tin berimbao, gonje

Stage design

Angela El Miasser and class 8c of Elisabeth-von-Thueringen secondary modern school


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