Music theatre for kids

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African fairy tales, music, acrobatics and dance from Ghana

Why do spiders love to hide in corners? Are there flying fish and why are crocodile-tears not really tears? Why are fire and wind not friends anymore and why does the bird Jabahee fly to africa in the wintertime.? Why do vultures don't have any feathers on their head and on their neck and what did King Nana do in the jungle to get rid of his boredom and...and...?

Jabahee 3       Jabahee 4

In 10 new songs, the Adesa ensemble uses diverse african instruments: the watercalabash, korlegonor, ballaphon, gonje-violin, giuitar, bass, african drums and percussion.

The songs, accompanied by dances, colorful costumes and masks, acrobatic and juggling, will sent the audience into another world. Adesa will also show the african joy of life trough music and performance.

Of course there are also sound samples from the CD "Jabahee"

Jabahee 5


Julius Nartey
Kora, Korlegonor, Vocal, Ballaphon
Nii Ayi Conen
Guitar, Vocal, Percussion
Nya Nyo Addo
E-Bass, Cachon, Gome, Kpanlogo
Evans Honore
Acrobatics, Dance, Masks
Thomas Kunfira
Acrobatics, Dance, Masks


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