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Rice and beans - Omo ke Yo

Children's Music Theatre

Reis und Bohnen

Alfred is a poor street musician, who earns his living by making music in the shopping mall of a big city in Germany. Many people walk along, but don't see or even hear his songs, although he is trying really hard to present the best of his music.

On a warm and sunny summer day Alfred meets the funny guy Kofi from Ghana, who visits for the first time Germany. His colourful clothes, the merry songs from the African homeland and his unrestrainedly good mood bewitch Alfred. They make him curious to learn more about the legendary African continent, that he knows so far only from films on the television.

Kofi is believing that Germany is a happy and rich paradise. He doesn`t understand at all, why Alfred has to live only on the meager coins of the people thrown into the hat for his music.

Reis und Bohnen 2

Alfred dreams to become famous in order to travel with the collected money to the far away African continent, where the people still seem to live like in old times and in harmony with nature.

Nevertheless Alfred and Kofi are becoming best friends and are telling each other funny and serious stories about Africa and Europe by their music. Thus they learn more about the cultures of each other and gain a better understanding of each too.

And that`s how the grey German shopping mall turns into a moving meeting place of the culture&hellip...

Because in Africa and also in Europe black beans taste much better along with white rice.



Reinhard Conen (Alfred)
guitar, vocals, djembe, foot rattle, percussion
Julius Nartey (Kofi)
korlegenor, kpanlogo, E-bass, kora
Evans Honore
acrobatics, breakdance, odondo
Nya Nyo Addo
dundun, sangban, afro drumset, vocal
Reinhard Conen
idea, choreography


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